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IMDH has established an on-going process of transferring commercial and technical knowledge to the Namibian and South Africa youth to generate a business and technical culture locally. In order to best accomplish this task, the Group, through its local subsidiaries, has established cooperation agreements with local authorities and communities favouring training and employment.
Engaging local communities is one of IMDH’s main commitments: we believe that the successful development of our business needs to be linked to the current social context in a two-way exchange of resources and benefits. Encouraging dialogue at all levels, opening up to the participation of local society and building a constructive and stable relationships with communities are the keys to creating new opportunities and achieving effective integration.
As an example of this social commitment, our subsidiary South African Vessels Management Services (SAVMS) entered into formal agreements with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), becoming directly involved in the National Cadetship Training Program [hyperlink] and offering training to South African seafarers and cadets qualifying as deck and engineering officers on board of the vessels of the Group.

Further, as part of our commitment to transferring skills specific to marine exploration and mining, we invite newly graduated and young professionals to join our team in order to offer then the opportunity to understand the technicalities of this business and to acquire first-hand knowledge of this complex industry. Please refer in this connection to the IMDH Internship Programme information sheet available on this section of the website.
SAMTRA's Cadets and CEO with SAVMS's CEO during the ceremony of signing the agreement
SAMTRA's Cadets on the pier outside the Ya Toivo (May 2013)
SAMTRA's Cadets in the repair room of the Ya Toivo (May 2013)
Certificate of Accreditation
Certificate of Accreditation
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