South African marine exploration

IMDH Group has conducted extensive high-resolution geophysical surveys as part of a mineral prospecting campaign in South African waters in the north-western region close to the Orange River mouth.
Based on the analysis of the survey data, the Group undertook sampling tests to assess the concentration and grade of resources. The results confirmed rich diamondiferous resources and the Group is planning further strategic drilling programmes together with the development of current mining programmes.
Pursuant to the finalisation of a preliminary mining programme concerning the sea concession 1B of Alexkor Ltd, the mining vessel m/v Ya Toivo was initially commissioned during the second trimester of 2016. Three campaigns have been undertaken during 2016/2017 in the said concession, and carats in excess of the set target recovered.
Furthermore, in early 2017 a bulk sampling programme started in a part of the sea concession 2C to define mining mine ability of the area and to confirm mining reserves and the currently available mining blocks. Pursuant to conversion of the prospecting right over the sea concession 2C into a twenty-years mining right, a systematic exploration campaign in support of mining operations is currently being developed to allow mining operations to commence during the second quarter of 2018.; further survey works in 2C will be executed over the remaining resource areas.

Sea concession 3C was surveyed in selected areas with the m/v DP Star alongside the lower southern block; data interpretation was finalised thereby allowing the m/v  The Explorer to complete phase 1 of a reconnaissance sampling campaign in January 2018.  
Alluvial diamonds recovered during the sampling campaign in South African Marine Area 1C
Alluvial diamonds recovered during the sampling campaign in South African Marine Area 1C
South African marine concessions
Detail of Namibian and South African concession areas off the Orange River mouth
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