Namibian offshore alluvial diamond areas

IMDH Group has conducted intensive geophysical surveys over more than 60,000 line kilometres off the Southern African west coast. Detailes surveys and reconnaissance have been carried out over this vast coastal area and in a number of these areas the results have been analysed already and sampling programmes started. Survey data relating to other areas are still under detailed analysis, while others – owing to the considerable extended range of areas – still have to be fully surveyed.
Relying on the analysis of the surveys undertaken and on historical information available, the Group is currently implementing resource-based drilling programmes in selected areas to assess the mining potential of its own directly controlled marine EPLs.
Further, the Group has also worked as a contractor for third parties over the past sixteen years by surveying, sampling and mining in Namibian and South African waters, and has developed a highly successful track record. Marine exploration on behalf of our clients continues in Namibian territorial waters where fully-integrated trenching and mining operations are currently being conducted. Specifically, the m/v Ya Toivo has been deployed in ML 111 to identify potential mining blocks over the Diaz Reef and Elephant Basin areas.
Exploration campaigns have also commenced in March 2017 to assess resources in MLs 36, 51 and 103 which were followed by detailed regional surveys and bulk sampling operations. Mining operations have been successfully carried out since September 2017. Regional exploration campaigns are on-going to further delineate mineable resources and grade within MLs 36 and 103.   
Diamonds recovered during bulk sampling activities in Namibian marine areas
Some of the diamonds recovered during 2018 ML111 campaign
Some of the diamonds recovered during 2018 ML111 campaign
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