Commitment to continuous technical development

IMDH Group is proud to have revolutionised the technology of mining for marine diamonds and opened up new opportunities for underwater mining which extend beyond diamonds to embrace all the commodities present on and under the sea floor. This was made possible by the Group’s dedication to advanced engineering, its specialized skills and technical research all of which have been implemented for the benefit of the offshore industry. 

To ensure the continuous transfer of technical skills to the underwater mining industry, IMDH has formed strong technical alliances and special partnerships with companies which are at the forefront of their industry and represent best-in-class technology. Amongst others, examples of works undertaken to date with the assistance of our technical partners include the  design and conversion of the mining vessel Ya Toivo and the and design and conversion of sampling vessel The Explorer.

At present, our engineers are developing a new underwater coring system having the capacity to penetrate and drill 10m-long uninterrupted cores per single action in deep waters. The system is expected to be fully operational by the second quarter of 2020.
IMDH Group is proudly committed to responding to environmental issues and adopting the highest quality policies and standards, as evidenced in the Environmental Management Plans produced at each operational phase. Furthermore, the Group is conscious of the paramount importance of preserving the biophysical environment where mining operations take place, and to this end our environmental management team constantly works closely with our engineers in order to evaluate and elaborate new technical solutions aimed at avoiding, minimizing and/or mitigating any adverse impact on the marine environment.
Design of the underwater coring drill tool (front view)
Design of the underwater coring drill tool (solid views)
Design of the underwater coring drill tool (view during 3-D rotation, 1)
Design of the underwater coring sonic drill tool (vertical view)
Design of the underwater coring sonic drill tool (view from top)
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