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IMDH Group is at the forefront of underwater mineral mining today and is capable of facing with confidence any kind of challenge presented in its field. Based on its recognized expertise gained in the offshore alluvial diamond mining industry, and utilizing its cutting-edge technical systems and equipment, IMDH Group is optimally positioned to exploit any challenge in the underwater mining sector.

Diamonds recovered during bulk sampling activities in Namibian marine areas
IMDH Group has conducted intensive geophysical surveys over more than 60,000 line kilometres off the Southern African west coast. Detailes surveys and reconnaissance have been carried out over this vast coastal area and in a number of these areas the results have been analysed already and...
Namibian offshore alluvial diamond areas

CT 11.52 stone recovered within sea concession 2C
IMDH Group has conducted extensive high-resolution geophysical surveys as part of a mineral prospecting campaign in South African waters in the north-western region close to the Orange River mouth.
Based on the analysis of the survey data, the Group undertook sampling tests to assess the...
South African marine operations

Design of the underwater coring drill tool (front view)
IMDH Group is proud to have revolutionised the technology of mining for marine diamonds and opened up new opportunities for underwater mining which extend beyond diamonds to embrace all the commodities present on and under the sea floor. This was made possible by the Group’s dedication to...
Commitment to continuous technical development

SAMTRA's Cadets and CEO with SAVMS's CEO during the ceremony of signing the agreement
IMDH has established an on-going process of transferring commercial and technical knowledge to the Namibian and South Africa youth to generate a business and technical culture locally. In order to best accomplish this task, the Group, through its local subsidiaries, has established cooperation...
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